What Products Does a China LED Strip Lights Manufacturer Offer

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Innovative Switchback LED Solutions in a Wide Variety The products […]

Innovative Switchback LED Solutions in a Wide Variety

The products from a China LED strip lights manufacturer have broad types produced for popular consumer market and sophisticated industrial requirement. These are manufacturers of a high lit when it comes to the dusting fixtures from many series and in different designs. In the sections that follow, we take a closer look at some of the different LED strip lights most commonly offered by these industry leaders and offer key features and applications for each.

Single Color LED Strip Lights

Chinese manufacturers produce a wide range of products, but single color LED strip lights are at the top. They come in various colors, such as warm white (2700K to 3000K), natural white (4000) and cool white (60001165000). The intensity varies and is quantified in lumens per meter depending on the usage needed. Those strips generally fall between 300 lumens per meter for delicate accent lighting to 2000 lumens per meters for the full blown room wide illumination.

RGB and RGBW LED Strip Lights

Alternatively, for dynamic lighting applications users might want to consider RGB (Red Green Blue) or RGBW (red green blue white), as the colour of light emitted can be changed. Users are able to choose illumination from these products inspired in any color of the rainbow through a remote control, an smart phone app or Voice assistant. RGBW strips have an extra white chip that can give you a perfect, pure natural light output for tasks.

High-Intensity LED Strips

High-intensity LED strips are used to illuminate areas in situations where high levels of brightness (lumens) are required, suitable for commercial and industrial applications These strips can deliver more than 3000 lumens per meter and are suitable for high visibility situations (such as in production line areas, big retail spaces or outdoor locations). They are also typically IP-rated for water and dust resistance that makes them usable indoors as well outdoors.

Name it says: Flexible Cuttable LED Strips

The Chinese manufacturer Flexible LED strip light is lighter and more flexible like the other products on the list. The strips are able to bend around curves and fit into tight corners, with cut points typically every 5 centimeters. This custom design feature is facilitates full customization to fit in with the exact needs or requirements of any given space.

Smart LED Strips

As a result of the growing popularity more and more Chinese are producing smart LED strips. This selection is meant to play nice with home automation systems; you can hook them up to an app or control the lot via voice command. Features like schedule, dimming and color change can be adjusted to set the mood or work well with natural light throughout various time of day.

Commercial Grade LED Strips

Finally, commercial grade LED strips – developed for architectural-purposes and professional purposes: these are a mixture of both the above mentioned types. For applications that present rigorous standards required in classification an application as newer ones fall into two bucks instead; These strips tend to offer higher color accuracy and consistency, longer warranties, and better support for continuous operation over long stretches of time.

Final Insights

A manufacturer of China LED strip lights offers a complete line that serves almost any lighting requirement. With its complete range of solutions from simple one-color alternatives for unremarkable house lighting improvements to the most complex multi-colored instrumentations suitable in commercial configurations, these manufacturing companies will offer top-class, adjustable and progressive products which may be tapped with several state-of-the-art features both for practicality and aesthetics as well. The wide range of product selection make them an ideal go-to solution for both consumers as well as professionals to discover that right LED with respect to their requirement.

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